♡ily Alex 5ever♡

The name's Eren.
I hate a lot of people, and most things.
I post a variety of things so, check it.
Wanna be Supreme Witch/Kawaii Princess(✿◠‿◠)
Things I actually love:
Alex. Clothes. Food. Tumblr. Photos. Swimming. Cats. Alex. Music. My laptop. Boba. Pizza. Theatre. Sleep. Cuddling. Kisses. Alex. Movies. Dancing.
Enjoy my blog. I'm here pretty much always.
Bye bby.

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"Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly that year. The morning of the first September was crisp and golden as an apple…"
- JK Rowling, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows (via barecontact)

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"If everybody likes you, you’re pretty dull."
- Bette Dav (via ughsick)

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